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Bluetext is a naming agency that works hard to create a name for businesses that incorporates emotional meaning, identification, communicative potential, verbal and visual stopping power, and attractiveness. The company takes linguistics, trademark law, and URL into consideration too. Bluetext has renamed and rebranded corporations, start-ups, product lines, new divisions, and challenger brands. Sectors they have a lot of experience in include technology, consumer, enterprise, and defense. During the naming process, Bluetext attempts to understand the client's current position in the market and where the client wants to be in 2-5 years. The naming company thoroughly analyzes the competitive landscape and how the client can stand out with a new name. They also look at predictions of where the market is headed and how a name could set up the client for success. Several companies that Bluetext has brainstormed names for include Prime Global, Evolve, Talk Shop, and Acentia. Bluetext is a suitable naming agency to turn to if you need a name that not only sounds good but conveys a deeper meaning relevant to your brand.