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Det Ansinn brings over 35 years of experience and a dedication to innovative app designs for the future to his newest entrepreneurial venture--Brick Simple. Growing rapidly, Brick Simple is leading the way in dynamic VR, AR, mobile, web, and most especially, wearable apps. A constant strive to incorporate the latest technologies with enhanced usability is the mission of Brick Simple. An expertise in iOS and Android platforms in addition to following and creating themselves the best practices in web development. Their creative apps are used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Brick Simple has built a solid industry reputation as a full-service wearable app design firm. From concept to execution--Brick Simple is ahead of the curve in original ways. With offices in every region of the United States, the Brick Simple team is able to handle any job. A culture that encourages teamwork and invention only bring out the best in their employees and it shows in their commitment to the companies they provide service.