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maoStudios is a marketing and branding agency that specializes in a variety of services including company branding, web design and search engine marketing. Based in Seattle, its clients include Gide, Focus Plus, accruWealth, Leyba Defense, and All Out Athletics. The agency works to establish a foundation for companies and then take action in the marketplace through marketing, advertising and social media. maoStudios has been ranked number 2 in the nation for web design and development by, Yahoo, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The rating was based on pricing, time management, and technical development abilities. maoStudios typically keeps its clients for years by establishing strong relationships through open communication. The company starts by focusing on the brand of a particular client through product naming, identity build, guidelines, graphic design, positioning and packaging design. They then focus on the interactive web, which includes corporate web design, search engine marketing, web development, and mobile app development. Finally, their focus on marketing includes copywriting, environmental design, interactive marketing and video production.