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Educational institutions have a special set of requirements and purposes for their websites, so don't rely on just any web design firm - turn to a specialist like Schoolwires. Schoolwires focuses on creating websites for K-12 schools, tapping into a clean, modern, and intuitive designing style while at the same time making important information easily accessible for teachers, parents, and students. School websites need to be information hubs in today's modern connected society, and Schoolwires (recently acquired by education software giant Blackboard) is focused on giving educational institutions effective versions of those hubs. With the ability to create responsive sites that can easily be displayed on desktop computers or mobile devices such as phones and tablets, Schoolwires's expertise lies in creating systems that can effectively reach anyone involved with the school system, from parents at home or at work to students on their mobile devices. Work with specialists in the field rather than retail- and commerce-oriented web design firms - Schoolwires is made up of those specialists.