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Magic Hour Communications is a digital agency that caters to schools. Clients include public and private schools alike, regardless of demographics served. In the past, the agency has worked with small, private schools and large public universities. Magic Hour exceeds expectations by creating solutions for clients and offering in-house support. Extra guidance and services are available to each client without an unnecessary upcharge. Before starting the Web design process, Magic Hour works with each client school to craft the right strategy. The agency figures out what a client's website requires, and how certain features will best benefit users. Clients receive the personalized attention they deserve during this process. Upon crafting the perfect strategy and action plan, Magic Hour's team gets to work developing the perfect website. Websites are designed to be feature-rich for users but simple for administrators. This approach ensures that client websites produce value for everyone involved. Throughout the Web development process, Magic Hour keeps clients updated. Its process can be tailored for each client, and special requests or requirements never pose a problem. The end result is a responsive and attractive website with the strongest infrastructure possible. Upon completion of a given client's site, Magic Hour continues support beyond the contract. The company educates clients on how to use their new websites, and in-house support is provided on an ongoing basis. Support is available whenever something goes wrong, too. Plus, Magic Hour packs all of these services and features into an affordable package that is suitable for schools across the nation.