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With its web design and development expertise, Happy Cog has been providing web presences for such figures as MTV and Ben and Jerry's for some time, and is available to use its expertise for smaller companies and brands as well. Reconsidering your company's web design and user experience can lead to a massive change for the better in consumer perception; Happy Cog helps fill that role by providing results-oriented, modern, and efficient graphic design to the websites and ad campaigns run by their clients. Happy Cog offers several different types of design features, including responsive site layouts designed to work on any size screen - a necessity in today's mobile-frenzied world. The team is available for projects of any size, from large clients like those mentioned before to smaller startups and entrepreneurs; in either case, Happy Cog will tune its presentation to appeal to the target demographic, making a website relevant for the specific style and feeling of the product or service that the client offers.