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Based in Philadelphia, PA, G Wis Concepts considers itself a boutique agency that specializes in custom Web development and online advertising. This family-owned company carries a solid portfolio in open source Web design that is quite affordable even for small businesses. For example, Magento Hosting is affordable enough for independent merchants who do not have extra money to spend on advanced IT solutions. This platform does not compromise performance for merchants who want to maximize their profits. Magento Hosting can be easily updated at little cost without any need to hire additional services from Web designers. In fact, G Wis Concepts encourages its clients to master the administrative modules of open source platforms in order to save expenses on technical support in the long term. New bug fixes and other improvements are readily available for content management systems that are enhanced by a global community of Web developers. G Wis Concepts suggests that webmasters learn how to download plugins and extensions for templates that are powered by content management systems. The graphics department at G Wis Concepts also plays a vital role in contributing to the Web development process. Animations and interactive presentations are created by skilled graphic designers who know how to use the latest software published by Adobe and other similar companies. 3D illustrations and diagrams could also be made for customers who need high-quality content on informational portals and landing pages. For example, medical websites should ideally have detailed images of human anatomy on cellular and superficial levels.