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Context is a Philadelphia-based company that specializes in web design and responsive technologies that make website pages easier to use and faster to load. Their branding expertise helps them find the right platforms to launch their client's identity with ease. Their experts also know how to create stunning websites that captivate visitors and make them want to spend more time browsing their client's sites. Context focuses their strategy in the three areas of strategy, technology, and impressive designs. They choose strategy first because every business has to have a solid game plan to move forward with their brand. It takes more than ideas to get a brand noticed, though, and that is where design and technology come into the process. Once the professional designers at Context have learned sufficient information about their client, they take the time to formulate a solid marketing plan that is based on what makes their clients unique from the competition. They use this information to design appealing graphics and videos that are used on the client website. Afterwards, they figure out what technologies will best suit their clients needs. Sometimes this is done with trial and error, but Context has exceptional results, so most of their work is accepted as the norm because they are leaders in their field. Context puts media planning into their strategy because every brand has to be announced to the public to get the massive reception to launch their new website. Context creates a comprehensive plan that takes into account several strategies.