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After winning countless awards, it's clear that BlueCadet is a skilled digital agency. Creating digital experience for clients is the agency's main goal. Typical clients include museums, nonprofit organizations, and even universities. Currently, this experienced team works from an 8,400 square-foot office in Philadelphia. Past and present clients include the Smithsonian Institution, Penn State, and National Geographic. BlueCadet offers numerous services to clients as a full-scale digital agency. Web and Mobile development services are offered. Likewise, clients can contract with the agency for film and photography projects. BlueCadet delves into the real world with touch and experience services, which are popular among museums and similar institutions. Each service is designed to bring a client's vision and products or services to life. On top of that, BlueCadet specializes in strategic planning and opportunity identification. This digital agency cares about each client's ultimate vision for success. Its team will create both a digital strategy and real world strategy for growing a brand. Opportunities are located and then capitalized upon whenever possible. In fact, BlueCadet is more than capable of developing concepts and ideas from scratch for clients. From the beginning, BlueCadet has worked alongside clients to achieve seemingly impossible results sooner rather than later. Over a dozen clients in Philadelphia continue to work with BlueCadet for their goals. Clients worldwide are served by BlueCadet, though, and the digital agency's reach continues to expand. This agency is capable of things that other digital agencies will never accomplish, even with much larger teams.