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Hudson Horizons is a Web design firm with a strategic office location near major cities in New Jersey including Newark, Hoboken and Jersey City. Additionally, this company is conveniently located only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, New York City. When it comes to acquiring corporate customers, Hudson Horizons has an easy time. This company also likes to help small businesses succeed on a local scale. By using the latest open source technology, the developers at this agency ensure sustainable results for websites that are launched promptly. For example, an e-commerce store that is powered by Magento Hosting can become profitable in a matter of weeks after deployment. Analytic software may be utilized to measure the traffic volume of a given online store that has been developed by Hudson Horizons. By studying the analytic reports, it is possible to make the appropriate changes to improve conversion rates of sales. For instance, the landing page of an e-commerce website can be enhanced with visual content that presents hot items on sale. Besides offering custom e-commerce development, Hudson Horizons builds information portals that are used mostly to promote people or companies. WordPress is a great example of a template that allows for easy publication of blogs on a regular basis. This company sets up WordPress blogs that can be published by an author via a mobile device. Speaking of mobile technology, WordPress websites that are launched by this agency are optimized to work well on iPhones and Android devices.