Georgia Web Design Firms Directory

The Creative Momentum

Atlanta, Georgia

Based in Atlanta, the Creative Momentum is a full-service agency that is attuned to the ever-changing world of advertising, marketing and design. Leading industry experts fuel the Creative Momentum's myriad teams that work hard to learn about individual businesses and their visions to create a brand, custom strategies and set unique goals. The agency customizes its work to each client to help boost their marketing efforts to the next level. Services include providing interaction design for the every-changing needs of the web, mobile design that allows fluidity on tablets and smart phones, graphic design, branding and company identity and more.


Atlanta, Georgia

Cadre is a team of innovators looking to revolutionize the way in which their clients relate with their target audience via the internet. The Cadre specialists seek to redefine the use of strategy and content via redefined technical infrastructure and creative digital platforms. Merging design, development and passion in a wholly new fashion, they strive to revolutionize the online experience of the consumer. Their focus is compelling design with an understanding that it is foundational to a business’s success. Second they create solutions to problems with the innovative use of technology, and finally they deliver compelling and engaging strategy.

Southern Web Group

Atlanta, Georgia

Southern Web Group has its main headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This Web design firm also operates a satellite office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Such prime locations allow the company to penetrate deep into the Southeastern marketplace in the United States. Southern Web Group mostly works with small businesses and corporations that focus on acquiring new customers on the East Coast. Branding solutions by this agency include custom creation of logos and other icons that can be easily integrated into Web pages and mobile applications. Social media management is another service that helps enterprises grow on the competitive World Wide Web.


East Atlanta, Georgia

ADWS follows a three-step process that leads to functional Web design. First, this Atlanta-based company starts the conversation by asking clients questions regarding budget and end goals. Based on the initial assessment, the right platform is selected for launching a website. The second phase of development involves a mockup trial that tests the various features of a website that is under construction. During this step, glitches are detected and fixed promptly. The final step of Web design by ADWS is delivery. Once a website is completed, it is submitted to the indices of top search engines like Google and Bing.

Bright Tribe

Gainesville, Georgia

Bright Tribe is a web design company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides a range of services for its business clients. Some of these services include web design and development for WordPress, ecommerce development, responsive design for mobile devices, SEO and logo and branding. Bright Tribe has worked with business owners, agencies, studios and marketing directors to fill an need in this space. The company has worked with a variety of local, regional and national businesses. Some of Bright Tribe's notable clients include AgroPro, Strickland Law Firm, Specialty Clinics of Georgia, Pumpkin Seed Press, Fisher Talent Management and many more.


Lawrence, Georgia

Dedicated to offering exceptional work and service, BrightFire is a full-service creative digital agency that wants clients to succeed and knows how to get them there. BrightFire offers a mix of compelling creativity that uses the latest technologies and Internet marketing trends. The agency serves a several business and industry niches, including events and festivals throughout the United States. Headquartered in Duluth, GA, BrightFire offers a complete range of design and development services that includes custom designed websites, we development, social media management and marketing, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, custom content, company branding and identity, logo design and website hosting.

Cardinal Web Solutions

Atlanta, Georgia

Cardinal Web Solutions is an Atlanta-based firm that specializes in online marketing. Search engine optimization and social media marketing define the core of advertising solutions that are delivered by this company. Organic SEO is often combined with paid search in order to spike up traffic flow into a given website of a client. To measure the success of conversion rates as a result of SEO, this company deploys Google Analytics on Web hosts. With this technology, it's also easy to track the flow of inbound traffic from popular social networks like Facebook. Cardinal Web Solutions can even manage social network accounts on behalf of customers.


Atlanta, Georgia

DeepBlue is a digital creative agency that is here to help you show your brand to the world in the most effective way possible. They offer a diverse set of creative services that will make your business more visible in the online world so that you can grow your bottom line. What they can do goes way beyond simple website design. DeepBlue focuses on creating a positive experience for your users, so that they will be interested in what you have to say, no matter what kind of medium you are using to connect with them.

Eclipse Web Media

Duluth, Georgia

Eclipse Web Media is a Web design agency that has been serving clients in Duluth, GA, since 2007. This firm specializes in creating custom multimedia for websites and Web applications. Eclipse Web Media even has its own graphics department that crafts exclusive logos and other content for small businesses and corporate enterprises. Some of the other professionals at Eclipse Web Media include business consultants and marketing experts. Such individuals give valuable advice to clients who want to optimize conversion rates online. Aggressive advertising campaigns can be launched on behalf of clients who want to enjoy the benefits of quick returns on investments (ROI).


Roswel, Georgia

Heystac understands that discovery is waiting, and they work with their clients to take them places. Being seen on the Web is more than just keywords and links. Being seen is the result of a coordinated Web marketing campaign that focuses on SEO, social media optimization, responsive mobile content, and quality eCommerce platforms. When you need design that is going to deliver results, you reach out to the designers and programmers at Heystac. This Atlanta-based business loves working with start ups and small businesses since they can deliver big results for them. To learn more, reach out to Heystac today.

Intown Web Design

Marietta, Georgia

Intown Web Design is the type of Web design company that exclusively uses open source technology to launch domains. Established in 2006, this firm has built a great portfolio in custom Web development that is powered by Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal. Such technology appeals to clients in an array of sectors ranging from finances and health care to retail and engineering. Intown Web Design applies the latest editions of codes and scripts to Web pages that are supported by open source templates. PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 are used extensively to enhance content management systems that already come with ready-to-use features for webmasters.

Medical Design Agency

Atlanta, Georgia

Since 1993, Medical Design Agency has been offering innovative services in graphic design for customers such as doctors, hospitals, clinics and universities. This agency's forte is primarily in medical illustration that is published in printed and digital forms. Throughout the years, Medical Design Agency has created custom medical graphics for renowned universities all over the world. For example, this company has made diagrams that have been integrated into human anatomy textbooks. Medical illustrations for academic purposes can also be used by doctors and hospitals that want to explain certain procedures or conditions to potential clients seeking the right health care services.

Mini Nimbus

Atlanta, Georgia

Mini Nimbus is known for a lot of reasons. They always provide their clients with the best websites and digital marketing campaigns possible, and they always provide a positive customer experience for their clients through the use of quality customer care professionals. Some of the services that they are know for providing their clients are website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website development. There positive reputation is due to the hard work of all of their employees and the knowledge that each one brings to the table for their clients.

Nebo Agency

Atlanta, Georgia

Nebo Agency is an award-winning Web designer that loves to work with passionate brands that are looking to grow. They are a human-centered design agency that puts their customers' needs above everything else. The Nebo Agency puts time and thought into all of the sites that they design, and they know what it takes to get a page to the top of the Google and Bing search engine return listings page. Whether you need responsive content that will be perfect for people on the go or you need more powerful eCommerce tools, Nebo Agency is there to help you out.

Ralph Walker Designs

Atlanta, Georgia

Ralph Walker Designs has an outstanding web designer team that puts their main focus on generating outstanding web marketing and branding solutions for any company at a budget-friendly price. Their team's attention is focused on web development, online marketing and design with add-on services available to all clients that include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, branding and logos and content creation. Ralph Walker Designs also provides their clients with printing services that include everything from apparel to business cards.

Red Clay Interactive

Buford, Georgia

Red Clay Interactive has established a solid reputation as a leading Web design company in the state of Georgia. This digital firm consists of dozens of talented professionals in niches like marketing, graphics design, programming and business consulting. Such skilled staff members cooperate to launch the most effective and functional websites possible for valued clients in the Southeastern region of the United States. Red Clay Interactive deploys open source portals that facilitate management of content. For example, WordPress has a user-friendly interface that allows webmasters to edit content easily even from mobile devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.

Second Story

Atlanta, Georgia

Second Story brings businesses to life through animation on websites and stunning pictures that capture the story of the client. It is a network of design studios that focuses on innovation and experimenting with what works best for each individual business. The firm has been in business for 20 years and works with clients from a variety of cultures.

Sparx Studios

Atlanta, Georgia

Sparx Studios is a Web design firm that prioritizes content over anything else. This Atlanta-based agency thinks that websites must be updated regularly with fresh content such as articles and multimedia files. Sparx Studios is capable of launching email newsletters, RSS feeds and other similar publications that are delivered directly to subscribers of specific websites. This agency also manages social media accounts that can attract lots of new traffic to external domains. For example, blog posts are uploaded onto Facebook and Twitter profiles that are registered in the names of managed clients. Short video clips and photos are often included with the text-based posts on such outlets.

Stone Soup Tech

Atlanta, Georgia

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Third Wave Campus Tours

Macon, Georgia

Third Wave Campus Tours is a college website design firm. It helps colleges attract new students while making sure current students stay updated on news and events of the school. It works with colleges of all sizes. Web video production is also offered so that students get a realistic view of the campus.