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PaperStreet is a web design copmany that focuses primarily on providing custom site design for attorneys, lawyers, and other business professionals. Throughout the 14+ years they have been in business, have created 850+ beautiful custom websites and a team that spans across a variety of programmers, talented content writers, and designers that all come together to create the perfect website and marketing campaign. Clients of PaperStreet are known for attaining new clients every single week and even daily. PaperStreet works diligently to provide businessmen with the best web presence that will effectively improve their image online. They know that getting traffic to a website is just as important as trying to create a beautiful web design. This is why they work hard on creating Internet quark eating and SEO programs to build the traffic of the websites they build. They have marketing experts in PPC advertisement, SEO, and content development to gain more exposure. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the team behind this company work very hard to craft marketing campaigns for companies and law firms in any location throughout the United States. PaperStreet has received numerous awards and accolades for their work in the digital marketing industry. Whether it's winning at the MarCom Awards or the Communicator Awards, they are constantly being recognized for their immensely talented work that stands in the industry. Their very own CEO and founder of this marketing company actually is an attorney, so he knows himself the power of a web presence and how to properly create a presence that brings people in to become the next client.