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Fluid, an e-commerce web design company, provides on-demand visual merchandising solutions for clients and brands. They work with clients to create a branded experience for customers through the use of expert content, and they’re able to increase e-commerce revenue as a result. Services include e-commerce flagships, omnichannel and product customization, and their team includes designers, product developers, strategists and engineers. Their unique services include visual mix-and-match, product personalization and product customization. They let the customer guide their approach so that they can sell tons of products. They help create a shopping experience that will fit customer expectations and preferences. They also give customers the information and tools they need to create their own, customized products. Visit their website to learn more about who they are and what they do, view their software and services, and read their latest blog posts. Fluid’s client list includes Puma, Michael Kors and The North Face.