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Curotec is a web app development firm that aims to help businesses utilize technology for connecting with customers, managing resources, streamlining operations, and tracking progress. The company utilizes responsive design in the web applications that they develop for clients. Responsive design enables the app to function well on all devices regardless of screen size an user input method. Since their founding in 2010, Curotec has been successful in delivering results for their clients. They are fueled by their passion for assisting enterprises with using technology to improve the efficiency of their businesses. The web applications that Curotec develops for clients are designed to long-term solutions, not just an app that provides short-term results. They are able to create long-lasting successful web applications by putting the time in to understand the goals of each client. Despite their love of technology, Curotec never forgets people either. They acknowledge that even the best application in the world is virtually useless if no one uses it.