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Swarm is a website application development firm that is positioned in New York City, New York. Swarm is acknowledged as one of the best website application development firms in New York City, New York. The company is comprised of copywriters, designers, engineers, and several partners. The company built its brand on integrity and helping clients reach their full potential. One unique fact about Swarm is that the company handles all of their own events. Areas of strength include helping with mobile applications, wearables, web applications, augmented development, connected devices, application tv applications, virtual reality development, iOS development, consulting, android development, mobile design, facial recognition, website design, tvOS development, tvml development, website development, branding, and strategy. Companies connected with Swarm include Vice Golf, CBS Sport, Golf Match, Pixable, Alley NYC, National Geographic, Emojiface, People, Blue Planet Environmental, Admittedly, Legacy Connect, College Sports Live, Quidd, Party Up Player, Future Seniors, LFGer, Buy Up Index, Starfish Foundation, IRLBB, and Legacy Connect.