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Founded in 2009, Kohactive is a boutique web and mobile development shop based in the greater Chicago area. They work primarily with start-ups and brands focused on innovation to develop specialized digital products. They specialize in UX, design, and general application development. While they help clients create new products, they also assist in the reimagining or redesign of existing products. They do this through their expertise in Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, user experience design, and overall web development. Kohactive is able to be as successful as they are through a combination of industry experience and a deep of understanding of how best to work with a wide range of clients. This starts with a detailed exploration process designed to identify a client's specific needs and current operational difficulty. This allows the Kohactive team to not only apply the best solution but to also prevent them from spending time solving problems that don’t exist. In addition to traditional applications and general web based design, Kohactive also provides clients with advice regarding mobile functionality and best practices. This includes marketing suggestions and user compatibility advice. They also offer comprehensive e-commerce packages designed to integrate smoothly with existing supply chains and shipping programs.