10 Best Web Design Firms DC

Last Updated December 01, 2021

The leading Washington web design business is one that is able to produce gorgeous websites for clients from all different industries within a set timeframe and budget. You can rest assured that you will walk away with a website your business can be proud of by choosing one of the top-quality web design firms on this list. We rated these firms based on their past performance, client satisfaction levels, experience in the field, depth of talent among staff members and industry reputation. Give any one of these web design firms a shot if you want a website that is creative and interactive. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top DC Web Development Companies of 2021
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Lounge Lizard loungelizard.com New York City $$$$ 98% 50-250

Interactive Strategy interactivestrategies.com Washington $$$ 98% 50-250

LightMix lightmix.com Vienna (Near Washington, D.C.) $$ 97% 10-50

Chief agencychief.com Washington $$$$$ 96% 50-250

IKM Creative ikmcreative.com Vienna $$$$$ 95% 1-10
6 KTD Creative ktdcreative.com Washington $$$$ 95% 1-10
7 Materiell materiell.com Arlington $$$$ 93% 10-50
8 Viget viget.com Falls Church $$$$$ 91% 50-250
9 Dupont Creative dupontcreative.com Washington $$$$$ 87% 10-50
10 Alliance Interactive allianceinteractive.com Washington $$$$ 87% 10-50
11 Minima Designs minimadesigns.com Washington $$$$ 86% 1-10

#1 of 10 Top Washington Web Design CompaniesLounge Lizard

41 East 11th Street, #11th Floor, New York City, New York 10003 - +1 (646) 661-7828

#1 of 10 Top DC Website Design Agencies of 2021 - Life is wonderful and fun. Your website should be one that shares these qualities in every way. That is a promise that one firm that can carry out for you in every way. That firm is Lounge Lizard. They help you see the world in a new way and convey this message to your customers. Lounge Lizard is a firm that gets what you need from a site and has the tools that you need to bring it to life in every single way. You can count on them to be on your site with expert website design right now.

#2 of 10 Best Washington Website Design FirmsInteractive Strategy

1133 Connecticut Ave NW, #Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036 - +1 (202) 223-8656

#2 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design Agencies of 2021 - Interactive Strategy is a web design and development company that specializes in the creation of interactive strategy. With more than 10 years of experience, they have become experts at their craft. Interactive Strategy has completed over 100 projects for clients all around the world and they are proud to be an innovative company with cutting edge thinking. Interactive Strategy is a company that doesn't believe in luck, but knows how to make their own. Interactive Strategy was created by Ryan Krause who is now the creative director of the company. He began development on Interactive Strategy back in 2003 with a team of freelance designers and developers. His vision for Interactive Strategy has grown over the years, but his passion for creating an innovative environment to design and program web sites remains constant.

#3 of 10 Best Washington DC Web Design CompaniesLightMix

1934 Old Gallows Road, #Suite 350, Vienna (Near Washington, D.C.), VA 22182 - +1 (703) 963-3690

#3 of 10 Top DC Web Design Agencies of 2021 - LightMix is a web design firm that aims to create modern and robust website designs to help its clients achieve the best possible results. They offer many web services, such as Web Development, Logo Design, Graphic Design (which includes website backgrounds) They also provide search engine optimization, lead generation, and conversion rate LightMix is a full-service web design firm that caters to all its client's needs by providing expert advice and services because they understand that having a robust online presence will not only help you gain exposure but also improve your ROI. LightMix will help you achieve your online goals by providing expert advice and services because they understand that having a strong online presence is crucial to gaining exposure and improving your ROI. They aim to provide excellence in customer service while helping their clients create measurable returns on marketing spend through superior quality design. They have a wide variety of clients, ranging from business owners to Fortune 500 companies, that is why they are confident that LightMix will meet all their client's needs in terms of marketing campaigns.

#4 of 10 Best DC Website Development AgenciesChief

Washington, DC - +1 (202) 791-0200

#4 of 10 Best DC Web Development Companies of 2021 - When it comes to web design, Chief is one of those very rare firms that seems to intuitively know exactly what clients want. With a special knack for drawing out all of the little details that will attract new customers — and appealing to customers who have been around for a while — the staff at Chief relishes the opportunity to create gorgeous websites. However, this team is not just satisfied with making websites that are aesthetically pleasing. Firmly focused on results, they aim to make sites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate as well.

#5 of 10 Best Washington DC Website Design AgenciesIKM Creative

734 Hunter Court SW, Vienna, Virginia 22180 - +1 (703) 568-2966

#5 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design Companies of 2021 - IKM Creative works to reimagine the brand of each business that it works with from small companies that are just starting out to those that are larger and need help in reaching more customers with fresh content. The firm uses a first-class approach when crafting websites so that each one is professional in appearance while still delivering the exceptional quality that is needed so that customers want to learn more about the services that are offered.

#6 of 10 Top Washington DC Web Development CompaniesKTD Creative

Washington, D.C. - +1 (202) 330-2758

#6 of 10 Best Washington DC Website Development Firms of 2021 - KTD Creative is a digital marketing firm that was founded with a goal to help brands increase revenue via budget-friendly and effective solutions. The team at KTD Creative have the capabilities to offer a lineup of services, and the firm has produced award-winning web design solutions for businesses and brands from many industries. THe firm has the ability to work with clients of all sizes, and the team makes certain to closely collaborate with each client for the best outcome. KTD Creative is known as one of the most sought after web design firms in the digital marketing industry and continues to set the benchmark.

#7 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design AgenciesMateriell

Arlington, Virginia - +1 (703) 243-9207

#7 of 10 Top DC Website Development Agencies of 2021 - Materiell is one of the top web design firms when it comes to adding the creative and colorful elements you need to make your website stand out. Schedule a consultation with the Materielli team today to find out which customized methods are best for making your business more appealing to your desired client base. You'll also receive SEO strategies that will assist you in choosing the most effective keywords and phrases to make your business easily searchable.

#8 of 10 Best Washington DC Web Development BusinessesViget

Falls Church, Virginia - +1 (703) 891-0670

#8 of 10 Top DC Website Design Companies of 2021 - Viget is a company that is dedicated to helping people build a better digital world. It is made up of strategists, engineers and designers. This has been an independent company since 1999. This company has several well-known clients, such as the Human Rights Campaign, ESPN, NBC Sports, Ad Council and NFLPA. They also work with several industries, including news, media, healthcare and finance. This is a company that has done rigorous research in order to find the best approach for each business.

#9 of 10 Top Washington Web Development AgenciesDupont Creative

Washington, D.C. - +1 (202) 554-2200

#9 of 10 Top Washington Web Development Companies of 2021 - Dupont Creative is a web design firm located in downtown Washington, D.C. The firm specializes in SEO, marketing, responsive design. They also offer in-person training and ongoing maintenance to all of their clients to ensure future success. Dupont Creative works with website design platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Magneto. Since opening in 2011, Dupont Creative has worked with Science Magazine, the National Milk Producers Federation, the Farmer Mac company, and the American Institute of Architecture Students.

#10 of 10 Best DC Web Design BusinessesAlliance Interactive

Washington, D.C. - +1 (120) 235-09020

#10 of 10 Best Washington Website Development Companies of 2021 - Alliance Interactive is a web design agency that has won multiple awards for both their designing and marketing campaigns in the Washington, D.C. area. Their clients have included finanacial institutions and nonprofits. Alliance Interactive designs websites geared towards increasing website traffic, improving rank for keywords, creating engaging calls to action and improving results. The website design created by Alliance Interactive also focuses on designs that enhance cyber security. Alliance Interactive's digital marketing techniques are data-driven with a goal of improving search engine visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Alliance Interactive offers a consultation for search engine optimization and full service setup for new accounts.

Special Recognitions

#11 Best Washington Web Design FirmMinima Designs

Washington, DC

Since 1999, Minima Designs has been the leading web design firm in the Kansas City area. Focusing on user experience and conversion optimization, they help businesses of all shapes and sizes take their online presence to the next level. They also provide responsive website design services that ensure your site looks great no matter what device it's being viewed on-even if you're using a smartphone or tablet! Their web design services include responsive web design, website maintenance, logo design, graphic design services, internet marketing, and social media management. Whatever your online needs may be, Minima Designs has you covered! Key features of their award-winning web designs include an intuitive content management system (CMS), so you can easily update your site; A/B split testing options to help determine the best way to approach users; professionally written articles that are optimized for search engines; and highly targeted keywords to increase traffic. If you're ready to take your business' online presence to the next level with all of these amazing features and more - this is your opportunity!

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