10 Best Small Business Web Design Firms August 2017

While taking steps to increase sales is important for any small business, watching your marketing investment carefully is also crucial. The best small business web development firm is one that can produce quality results without blowing your entire marketing budget. You will not have to forsake an amazing result for affordability with any of the web development firm options below. They are all experienced at designing websites for small business in all different kinds of industries. Check out the past portfolios of these businesses to find examples of stellar web design work, which is all highly customizable for your needs. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Leading Small Business Web Design AgenciesRuckus Marketing

New York, NY

#1 of 10 Leading Small Business Web Development Agencies of 2017 - Ruckus Marketing is a boutique IT agency that has a roster of web designers, computer programmers and advertising experts. This New York City-based agency appeals to local enterprises that are owned and operated by independent investors rather than large corporations. Custom websites are usually launched for vendors and merchants with relatively limited opportunities to expand on the World Wide Web. Ruckus Marketing extracts the power of open source technology in order to elevate local businesses to the apex of regional success. E-commerce platforms can surely help retailers in NYC reach out to diverse customers with genuine interests in buying merchandise.

#2 of 10 Leading Small Business Web Design BusinessesHuemor Designs

Long Island, New York

#2 of 10 Top Small Business Web Development Agencies of 2017 - Huemor Designs is primarily concerned with boosting online sales on websites that are managed by retailers. Based in the New York City metropolitan region, this boutique agency has compiled a very impressive portfolio in e-commerce solutions. Magento Hosting and Shopify are some platforms that can increase profits from the sale of products and software on the World Wide Web. Huemor Designs could easily customize these open source systems with the addition of codes and scripts, including PHP and HTML5. OpenCart and Zen Cart are some other possible programs that could give small enterprises an edge on the competitive virtual market.

#3 of 10 Top Small Business Website Design CompaniesEIGHT25MEDIA

San Francisco, California

#3 of 10 Best Small Business Web Development Agencies of 2017 - EIGHT25MEDIA is the type of web design agency that is often on the hunt for free resources. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, this firm has easy access to powerful publications that come out of Silicon Valley. Google's applications can surely be integrated into just about any website that's launched for enterprise purposes. For example, Google Maps is a useful addition to the contact page of a given domain. EIGHT25MEDIA likes to import an array of third-party apps into a website that's launched and managed for a valued client. Additionally, open source programming is sometimes used to boost the performance of imported apps.

#4 of 10 Top Small Business Web Development CompaniesSkuba Design

New Orleans, Louisiana

#4 of 10 Leading Small Business Web Design Companies of 2017 - Skuba Design offers web design and internet marketing solutions to small businesses in the United States and Canada. With the power of open source technology, this agency is able to eliminate many setbacks that normally come with web development. For example, content management systems take the hassle out of writing codes and scripts from scratch. Magento Hosting and OpenCart are some prime examples of e-commerce platforms that are primarily written in PHP. Of course, Skuba Design can also deploy HTML5 and CSS3 on the back ends of web pages that promote businesses and any other affiliates or partners in North America.

#5 of 10 Best Small Business Website Design CompaniesHudson Integrated

Saddle Brook, New Jersey

#5 of 10 Top Small Business Web Development Agencies of 2017 - Hudson Integrated designs custom websites for small businesses in New Jersey and New York. Despite having boutique status, this web design company is confident enough to launch professional domains that can be profitable. Local merchants who need new or updated websites can request open source solutions that are very affordable. For example, Magento can be set up on a domain that is registered by an owner of an existing brick-and-mortar store. WordPress could be used to support blogs that promote products or services. This platform is also versatile enough to have some e-commerce features that list items for sale at low prices.

#6 of 10 Best Small Business Web Design BusinessesDotcomweavers

Paramus, New Jersey

#6 of 10 Top Small Business Website Design Firms of 2017 - When building online stores for retailers in New Jersey, Dotcomweavers mostly focuses on sales and marketing. This agency can help small businesses optimize profits that are generated on virtual shops rather than brick-and-mortar locations. Vendors need to figure out how to manage e-commerce websites that are driven by the latest open source systems. For example, Magento Hosting has sophisticated templates that may be customized with just a few clicks and text inputs. OpenCart and Zen Cart are some relatively simple IT solutions that should be used by webmasters who want entry-level features that still deliver measurable results in the long term.

#7 of 10 Leading Small Business Web Development AgenciesComrade

Chicago, Illinois

#7 of 10 Top Small Business Web Development Businesses of 2017 - Comrade has been proudly serving small businesses in Chicago since opening its doors as a boutique agency during the web 2.0 era. Throughout the years, this company has adapted to the many changes that have occurred on the internet. For instance, most web browsers no longer support certain extensions and plugins that run on outdated Flash technology. It's very important for modern websites to be compatible with new releases of web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari. By sticking to open source standards, Comrade helps small businesses keep up with the dynamic nature of desktop and mobile technology.

#8 of 10 Best Small Business Web Design FirmsSouthern Web Group

Atlanta, Georgia

#8 of 10 Best Small Business Web Development Firms of 2017 - The Southern Web Group is a company that builds and manages websites for small businesses in the southeastern part of the United States of America. This firm has a solid portfolio in enterprise-level solutions that appeal to corporate clients and independent investors. Open source technology definitely plays a key role in the success of this boutique agency that has offices in Georgia and Florida. From Magento and Drupal to Django and WordPress, dynamic content management systems are utilized to meet the demands of valued customers all over the nation. These IT solutions are available with many templates that can be customized to promote businesses.

#9 of 10 Best Small Business Website Design CompaniesAktiv Web Solutions

Atlanta, Georgia

#9 of 10 Best Small Business Website Development Companies of 2017 - Aktiv Web Solutions is an American web design company that is fluent in multiple programming languages. From Java and PHP to Python and C++, this firm knows the most powerful syntax on the World Wide Web. Throughout the years, the internet has been stabilized by traditional codes and scripts that seem to adapt very well to the dynamic nature of mobile and desktop technology. Aktiv Web Solutions can easily deploy traditional MySQL and SQL on any given database that is already set up on a proper web server. It's important for enterprise-style websites to be backed up on cloud-based networks that protect data.

#10 of 10 Leading Small Business Website Design FirmsLounge Lizard

New York City, New York

#10 of 10 Top Small Business Website Design Companies of 2017 - Lounge Lizard is a web design firm that reaches out to small businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Having a portfolio in e-commerce, this agency mostly works with local vendors who want to expand beyond the borders of the New York City metropolitan region. In order to make the jump to the virtual market, retailers need to set up platforms that run on open source technology. For example, Magento Hosting gives users a major boost in terms of sales and online marketing. WordPress is another content management system that may be used to sell merchandise or software on the web.

Special Recognitions

#11 Best Small Business Web Development BusinessSocialFix

New York, New York

SocialFix implements many wonderful marketing ideas that promote small businesses on the World Wide Web. This New York City-based agency encourages clients to set up profiles on the most popular social networks, such as Facebook. It's possible to create mini stores that ultimately lead to external websites with extensive product catalogs and carts. SocialFix likes to use open source technology to create bridges between Facebook and third-party shops. Analytical software can then be utilized to track the conversion rates and other statistics involving traffic flow. Small businesses need to rely on accurate data rather than intuition and other abstract thoughts.

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