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ThoughtBot is a leading design, development, and product management consultancy founded in 2003 and headquartered in New York, providing services to over 1000 clients around the world. The company is particularly known for their agile, human-centered strategy for web and mobile products, and for embedding support for teams and helping them evolve with best practices and mentoring. ThoughtBot's service lines focus around web development, mobile app development and UX/UI design. They cater to small businesses, midmarket firms, enterprises, and clients from a variety of industries in the medical, financial services, consumer products & services, education, energy & natural resources, government, and non-profit sectors. They specialize in a number of application platforms, frameworks and content management systems, and provide expertise and have strong experience in mobile development, including apps for the health & wellness, education, financial, and travel & lifestyle fields. User experience is also an area of focus and their team is adept at UX strategy, usability testing, and user research. As a company, ThoughtBot has built an impressive track record in driving satisfaction and success of their clients, including Postmates, Iora Health, JoyDrive, SplitFit, LevelUp, Tile, and others. They are dedicated to bringing product visions to fruition and provide all-encompassing support for each step of the development and launch process, as well as ongoing operations and iteration between large releases.