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KNI is a multi-award winning interactive design and development company based in San Francisco, founded in 2001. Since its inception, KNI has overseen the branding, user experience design, and technical production of websites and applications for companies such as Sprint, HP, Adobe, Taco Bell, Hilton, Pepsi, Levi’s, Warner Brothers and Virgin Records. With an expertly trained staff of just two employees, KNI places its focus on service lines such as web design, web development, and branding. The company also specializes in industries such as advertising and marketing, arts, entertainment and music, consumer products and services, information technology and media. Employing the expertise and experience of leading technologists and creatives, KNI is proud to provide a high-quality service for top clients, allowing it to be named one of the top 10 digital agencies in San Francisco by The Next Web Magazine.