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Conversion, conversion, conversion. That's all we ever think about at Project6. With us, everything is about building your brand in a manner that facilitates an outstanding bottom line. We know you're interested in sales, and we are, too. To ensure that you get them, we do background research on your target audience to learn as much as possible about their predilections, proclivities, and personalities. Once we've attained this information, we create websites that are geared towards appealing to the ideologies and ideas that are close to their hearts. In so doing, we optimize your opportunity to connect with them in meaningful ways that bolster brand familiarity and induce conversion. At Project6, we know the power of creativity, and this is why we've developed an identity as a company predicated on innovation. We avoid conventionality because we know being different and weird tends to "work." Ultimately, we'll employ any cool, effective modality necessary to get you the results you want!