10 Best School Web Design Firms

Last Updated July 01, 2022

When schools need a website that is dedicated to communication with the students and parents, they will often use the best school web development firm for the desired results. The best firms will utilize the designs associated with the school while offering methods of communication and various divisions so that users can easily identify classes, staff and special events. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top School Web Design Firms of 2022
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Big Drop Inc bigdropinc.com New York $$$$ 97% 50-250

SPINX Digital spinxdigital.com Los Angeles $$$$ 97% 10-50

Lounge Lizard loungelizard.com New York City $$$$ 97% 50-250

Finalsite finalsite.com Glastonbury $$ 95% 10-50

Ironpaper ironpaper.com New York $$$$$ 93% 10-50
6 inRESONANCE inresonance.com Northampton $$$$ 93% 50-250
7 Edlio edlio.com Austin $$$ 91% 1-10
8 DreamCo Design dreamcodesign.com West Dundee $$$$ 88% 10-50
9 Third Wave Digital twdcampustours.com Macon $$$ 87% 10-50

#1 of 10 Top School Web Development BusinessesBig Drop Inc

111 John St, #1509, New York, New York 10038 - +1 (212) 577-1143

#1 of 10 Best School Web Development Firms of 2022 - Big Drop Inc. is a boutique web design firm located in North Carolina; they are committed to providing the best quality design and development service for every project that comes their way. Big Drop specializes in award-winning website design optimized for modern web needs: user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Their team of talented designers can help you create an online presence that will leave your competitors in the dust. In addition to website design services, they also offer effective marketing campaigns and digital branding solutions at affordable prices. Big Drop Inc. was founded in 2010 by Jayson Hall, Sr. and his son, Jayson "Jay" Hall, Jr. With over 12 years of experience in the Internet industry, and they possess an uncanny ability to take an idea from conception to reality.

#2 of 10 Best School Web Development FirmsSPINX Digital

911 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90015 - +1 (213) 894-9933

#2 of 10 Top School Web Development Agencies of 2022 - Are you in need of a website for your school? Look no further than SPINX Digital. They are a web design firm that specializes in creating websites for schools. Their team has over ten years of experience in the field, and they know how to create beautiful and functional websites that will meet your needs. They understand the importance of having a website for your school, and they are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. They will work with you to ensure that your website is everything you want it to be, and they will provide you with a free consultation to get started on your project right away. Contact SPINX Digital today to get started on your new school website.

#3 of 10 Best School Web Development BusinessesLounge Lizard

41 East 11th Street, #11th Floor, New York City, New York 10003 - +1 (646) 661-7828

#3 of 10 Best School Web Development Companies of 2022 - Lounge Lizard is a school web design firm specializing in creating virtual tours for colleges and universities. Their website features a portfolio of their work, including college and university clients. In addition to their web design services, they also offer video production and editing, graphic design, and branding services. Besides, the company has a blog that discusses various higher education marketing and web design topics. Lounge Lizard boasts one of the best and most experienced teams of web developers and graphic designers who work together to produce stunning visual experiences for their clients. The company has a passion for what they do, and it shows in the quality of their work.

#4 of 10 Best School Web Development CompaniesFinalsite

655 Winding Brook Drive, Glastonbury, CT 6033 - +1 (860) 289-3507

#4 of 10 Best School Web Development Businesses of 2022 - Finalsite is a leading provider of school web design and marketing services. Their experts will work with you to create a custom website that meets your specific needs and objectives. In addition to their web design services, Finalsite also offers a wide range of digital marketing services to help you promote your school and attract new students. Moreover, their team can also help you with branding, SEO, and social media marketing. So if you're looking for a comprehensive school web design and marketing solution to make your school website successful online, contact Finalsite today to get started. You won't be disappointed.

#5 of 10 Top School Web Development BusinessesIronpaper

555 8th Avenue, #15, New York, NY 10018 - +1 (212) 993-7809

#5 of 10 Top School Web Development Businesses of 2022 - Ironpaper specializes in helping business to business companies generate leads, drive sales, and grow the company in general. They are much more than a simple web design firm; they create webpages that truly drive results. They help their clients come up with a long-term strategy that will help them for years to come by creating better visibility, increasing brand recognition, and general improvements to web design. They believe in using design to increase engagement, create leads, and drive conversation.

#6 of 10 Top School Web Development AgenciesinRESONANCE

32 Industrial Dr E, Northampton, MA 1060 - +1 (413) 587-0236

#6 of 10 Top School Web Development Businesses of 2022 - Most businesses need websites these days, and schools are no exception. Colleges, universities, and public or private schools in the community need informative websites that provide pertinent information to parents, teachers, and students. inRESONANCE is here to make your school website stand out. Whether you want to come up with a professional yet eye-catching design that features your school colors or need to create quality blog material for your website, inRESONANCE can help you accomplish your website goals. Book your initial consultation today.

#7 of 10 Best School Web Development AgenciesEdlio

701 Brazos St, #360, Austin, TX 78701 - +1 (877) 623-7200

#7 of 10 Best School Web Development Businesses of 2022 - Edlio is a Michigan-based school Web Design Firm. They make it easier for schools to design and implement websites that are easy to update, manage, and maintain. Their sites ensure that users always get the most up-to-date information on what's happening at the school. Edlio's online publishing platform makes it easy for non-technical users to add and update information, events, and news. Edlio provides schools with advanced capabilities such as a custom domain name, online bulletin boards, forums, blogs, and online forms. Leveraging the latest advancements in Web 2.0 technology, Edlio enables schools to be active in their communities and involve students in the educational process.

#8 of 10 Best School Web Development FirmsDreamCo Design

102 W Main Street, West Dundee, IL 60118 - +1 (847) 428-2716

#8 of 10 Best School Web Development Firms of 2022 - DreamCo Design is a startup company that provides solutions for educational institutions looking for web design services. They have experience with educational institutions and designs in the public, private, and social sectors. They have expertise in achieving the best customer satisfaction by listening to their clients` needs and creating innovative solutions while meeting budgetary constraints. DreamCo Design is committed to providing the highest quality service when working with students, educators, and their institutions of higher learning. The company was established by a group of young visionaries passionate about providing the best possible service. They continuously explore new technologies and innovative ideas to provide quality products and services to the education sector. Its goal is to be recognized as one of its region's top design and development companies.

#9 of 10 Best School Web Development FirmsThird Wave Digital

1841 Hardeman Ave, Macon, Georgia 31201 - +1 (888) 578-7865

#9 of 10 Best School Web Development Businesses of 2022 - Third Wave Digital is an Australian-based full-service web design firm offering Web Design, logo design, graphic design, development of mobile applications, and a variety of dedicated marketing services. Their client list spans the entire country, with many clients being Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Australia. Third Wave Digital claims to be one of Australia's largest web design firms, having delivered many successful projects to its clients over the years. Third Wave Digital was established as Apple App Factory Pty Ltd in 2005, known as Apple App Factory Pty Ltd, which provided App Development services only. Third Wave Digital is the right choice if you are looking for a school, college, or university web design firm. It has provided a top-rated web design company. They always deliver on time, and they provide reasonable prices.

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