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Schoolwires, Inc. is a leading player in the universe of educational website design. The company makes web design for schools its number one focus. The firm does a whole lot more than construct school websites as well. That's because it also enthusiastically hosts them. Schoolwires establishes websites that can accommodate schools that educate kindergarteners and beyond. It concentrates on websites that cater to K-12 educational institutions. The agency is located in State College, Pennsylvania. Schoolwires has a commitment to education that's unparalleled. The team members at this company have impressive knowledge that involves mobile solutions, CMS (Content Management Systems) and more. The company has offered its invaluable time and expertise to a significant number of high-quality clients. Names on its client list include the Humble Independent School District, the Frankford Township School District, the Community Montessori Charter School and Garden City Public Schools. Schoolwires provides clients with solid web hosting assistance.