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Description of Best School Web Design Firm: Finalsite Finalsite was established more than 15 years ago in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The talented team of professionals at Finalsite specialize in school marketing, communications, website design, and software. There are many staff members at Finalsite who were formerly in important roles in the education system that included a former Director of Technology, Head of Academic Technology, and Director of Admission. The mission of the company is to provide the best web software experience for both mobile and desktop platforms for schools of every size. The staff at Finalsite exceeds the needs of clients and has a 95% customer satisfaction rate. The company provides services that includes campaign management, search engine optimization, website statistics consulting, strategic alignment for websites, and social media services. It can be time-consuming to build and maintain a website that will get an abundance of visits, but the experienced and talented staff at Finalsite can do this with ease.