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Kathryn Corneli

Currently, Kathryn Corneli is a Web developer for Amazee Labs. She focuses upon responsive Web design that impresses each visitor to a given website. Corneli strives to make the Internet a more beautiful place, which is evident in her portfolio. By herself, she has served dozens of clients and created incredible websites for them. More of her completed websites can be seen through Amazee Labs, too. Her experience as a frontend Drupal developer is unparalleled by most individuals. Kathryn Corneli works with diligence to meet each client's needs. She realizes that each client is different and requires a personalized approach. Since she specializes in responsive Web design, Corneli manages to create website after website that stands out. Generic design practices never impress clients or incoming visitors, so Corneli designs unique sites time and time again. The results speak for themselves, and her portfolio is filled with dozens of satisfied clients.