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In regards to digital marketing, point-of-view is absolutely everything. As a result, preeminent Web design protocols conquer the Internet on a daily basis. This is exactly why you need Bolder Perspective today! Actually, Bolder Perspective also needs a bolder perspective these days. While this 4-year-old organization is still technically intact, most of their quality work is being done over at Clarity instead. This whole operation slyly operated as Brian's brainchild in Austin, Texas. Who is Brian? Well, he is the one who concocted Bolder Perspective to make web-pages everywhere seem more presentable. Ironically, his own page could use a little oomph these days. Currently, the entire company's operation is hidden, but those with the right personal connections can still get in touch. When you are dealing with Bolder Perspective or Clarity, remember to mention Brian. This elusive designer must be elite, because dropping his name is the only way to sign up.