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Kohactive, a Chicago responsive web site firm, was founded in 2008 by John Kolt, Justin McNally, and an expert team of digital strategists determined to showcase their talents with boldness. In Kohactive, building web & mobile applications takes the form of a five-step guided process, focusing on client discovery, wireframing, user stories, content design, and development. As a Fortune 500 company that has worked with companies like Groupon, Active Tools USA, Harris Flotebote, and Nexum, their aptitudes are well-represented by its unique culture as presented in the Kohactive company blog, with special dedication of use through various mediums that social media —primordially, Twitter and YouTube. Technology is an intricate part of Kohactive, as their work delivers using seven different tools that can be used to collaborate and contribute on different projects, including Ruby on Rails for web design, and JavaScript for content management. In the end, Kohactive delivers a new way to look at content design and responsive web sites with eccentricity.