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Kohactive, created in 2008, builds web and mobile apps for its clients. This creative digital agency, based in Chicago, is comprised of specialized teams who create and implement digital strategies for anything from Fortune 500s to small startups. Providing solutions for web and mobile, Kohactive addresses social networks, apps and even the most complex content management systems. This company uses cutting-edge tools to provide deliverables like web design and development, user interface design, IOS development, web application development, content management systems, e-commerce and microsites. Kohactive's five-fold process begins with discovery to learn more about you, then it progresses to wireframing, which provides a blueprint of ideas. User stories comes next, which represents the core of the whole development process, where creation and prioritization of scenarios are laid out to address current business issues. This is followed by design, which involves creating mockups of key web pages for your site. Development is the last step, which transforms all the ideas into a finished product. This may lead to full immediate launch, or it may require a minimal launch involving ongoing iterations to add features over time. With hundreds of products under its belt, Kohactive can build web and mobile apps to suit a variety of client needs.