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Big Drop Inc is currently being called the best real estate web design firm in its class. This company prides itself in taking a personal, personable approach to both web design and web development. They offer branding, marketing and design services along with animated videos. The work process at this firm starts with research and discovery. Each client is thoroughly reviewed to better understand individual goals and objectives. A customized and multi-pronged plan is then put in place for ensuring that these targets are met in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. During the design and development process, the professionals at Big Drop Inc collect a number of high-quality, high-resolution images, unique animations, icons and fonts. These are custom-tailored to individual industries and niches for optimal effects when placed on site. Big Drop Inc only supplies original code in its efforts to provide a truly unique website design to each and every client. Finally, this firm tests its work across all major web browsers for both scale and speed, so that the resulting sites can stand up to massive amounts of traffic at any given time, without negatively impacting functionality or user experience. The methods used by this top-rated firm are fresh, innovative and perfectly in line with the ever-changing needs of real estate marketing.