10 Best Real Estate Web Design Firms December 2015

The real estate market has come back, and many rest estate developers and project managers are on the hunt for the best real estate web development company. Helping real estate companies to be seen and increase their leads is what the leading real estate web design firms do best. One way in which real estate web design firms accomplish this is through creating engaging content and responsive website designs that meet clients on their preexisting mobile devices. Searchable real estate listings and marketing strategies that cut across social media to find the most promising prospects is critical. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design Businesses1000 Watt

Portland, Oregon

#1 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design Businesses of 2015 - 1000 Watt is a best real estate web design firm. The company's goal is to create a brand identity by promoting what is unique and valuable about a real estate agency. This is done through creating websites and apps, and by developing new brand strategies. The staff at 1000 Watt takes time to learn about a real estate agency before deciding the best ways to promote it through various means, including an expanded online presence and copywriting.

#2 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design CompaniesNoFavorite

New York City, New York

#2 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design Agencies of 2015 - Over the years, NoFavorite has worked with a number of high profile real estate agents to better their online presence through different services. Currently, NoFavorite is actually considered to be the best real estate web design firm, in the entire industry. However, web design is not the only service that they provide for their clients to choose from. They also provide services like web development, search engine optimization, and other services that help to build their online presence.

#3 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design AgenciesReal Geeks

Kailua, Hawaii

#3 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design Agencies of 2015 - Addressing the online needs of real estate professionals for years, Real Geeks has become a leader in the lead driving field. Real Geeks has combined cutting edge internet technology and real world real estate marketing concepts to develop a highly effective system for driving online traffic. Real Geeks also provides a wide variety of tools and services including an extensive blog presence. Real Geeks clients often see immediate results with some customers realizing a tenfold increase in signups. Many of the visitors to Real Geeks client sites are not only conducting searches but are registering with the sites.

#4 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design BusinessesResi Online

Miami Beach, Florida

#4 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design Businesses of 2015 - Resi Online is a best real estate web design firm. In business since 1994, the company's goal is to use new technologies to aid real estate agencies in broadening their reach and bringing in new clients. This is done by designing various websites, including custom, premium, and micro sites, social media marketing, desktop and mobile IDX development, and SEO strategies. Resi Online has served the needs of thousands of realtors and real estate agencies for over twenty years.

#5 of 10 Leading Real Estate Web Design CompaniesBowen Media

Long Island, New York

#5 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design Companies of 2015 - Real estate firms and agents require specialized website designs that permit frequent updating with new photographs and information about properties. Bowen Media Inc. is located in New York but is able to help clients throughout the world with their digital marketing needs. Real estate agents and firms need to have websites that are accessible on computers and cellphones in order to meet the needs of clients. Bowen Media has provided digital marketing services since 2003 when the technology was just beginning. With hard work, Dan Bowen has grown this business into one that has the finest reputation in the industry.

#6 of 10 Best Real Estate Web Design FirmsIntagent

Ann Arbor, Michigan

#6 of 10 Leading Real Estate Web Design Companies of 2015 - Intagent is a prestigious real estate web agency that offers both new and longtime agents attention-getting real estate websites and all the must-have tools needed to attract and manage their customers. The talented group of professionals from Intagent's goal is to offer their clients the most updated and user-friendly real estate websites out there. Intagent's team is continually upgrading their systems in order to give their clients extra tools and more features than any place on the Internet. These tools will make it much easier for their clients to keep in contact and reach their customers.

#7 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design AgenciesBrandCo

Orlando, Florida

#7 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design Firms of 2015 - BrandCo is a real estate web design company that helps small and large corporations take their brands to the next level. This firm will be there every step of the way as their clients' businesses grow. No matter what the size or budget of each project, BrandCo strives to exceed their client's expectations with exceptional work and services. The incredible team of innovative thinkers from BrandCo will also make sure that each of their client's websites is their vision come to life and that it turns visitors into leads.

#8 of 10 Leading Real Estate Web Design AgenciesLinkurealty

Corona, California

#8 of 10 Leading Real Estate Web Design Businesses of 2015 - With a strong presence, the real estate industry remains a hub of economic growth. But with such a competitive market, it is imperative to possess a strong and committed team to assist with the marketing of a real estate business. LinkURealty, founded in 2003, specializes in marketing through online presence and social media. With countless years of web design, the company understands the market and possess the tools required to create a lasting consumer experience. Along with a talent in website design for professionals in the real estate industry, the successful company also increases traffic through social media management. Contact LinkURealty for a one-stop approach to social media and website marketing.

#9 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design CompaniesOtherwise Inc

Chicago, Illinois

#9 of 10 Leading Real Estate Web Design Firms of 2015 - Otherwise Inc. is a web design agency that has a team of awesome writers, designers, talented technologists and innovative thinkers who work together to create brilliant campaigns and products for their clients. Their team has helped hundreds of clients reach their market with clarity and ingenuity. The team from Otherwise Inc. continue to coach and mentor everyone from senior executives to entrepreneurs on how they can successfully build and rebuild their brands and take them to new heights of success.

#10 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design BusinessesIDX Central

Chico, California

#10 of 10 Top Real Estate Web Design Agencies of 2015 - IDX Central offers their clients distinctive real estate websites that give them the opportunity to develop personal connections with their valuable online visitors. Their invaluable team of experts offer their clients websites that aren't just about listings, but they will also offer their visitors valuable information about market statistics, towns, personal knowledge and other real estate-related statistics. The intelligent and free-thinking team from IDX Central also develops real estate websites that will grow with their clients.

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