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Logica Design one of the most well-known web design firms around today. The company is located in Providence, Rhode Island and was founded by Bob Lukens and Molly Regan in 2000. They have worked with a wide selection of clients in many different types of business sectors. Some of the business sectors that they do particularly well in include real estate, tourism, technology, e-commerce, hospitality, non-profit, and technology. Some of the more recent client examples that Logica Design mentions on the site include Modern Grip, Miriam Hospital, Unitex, United Way, Rustigan Rugs, National Grid, Ethos, and The Cold War. What Logica Design is most known for is their innovative design ideas. Being a full-service agency, Logica Design can assist with a wide range of requests. Some of the most common include website design, logo creation, sketch work, and content creation. They are also well versed in programs like WordPress.