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Hexagon Creative is a Detroit-based branding agency, founded in 2017. It is known for being ambitious and value-driven, evident in the careful balance of service lines and client focus that Hexagon offers. In working with clients ranging from small businesses to larger enterprises, Hexagon is committed to creating bespoke designs for all its customers that embody their individual brand identity. The agency has also been ranked among its industry peers, a testament to their commitment to their work. The core focus of Hexagon is to create simple yet powerful designs that reflect a company’s mission and values while standing out from the competition. This process is enabled by their team of experienced and talented designers, who strive to pay attention to detail while remaining up-to-date with the latest trends in branding and design. Hexagon Creative is well-versed in web design, branding, packaging design, search engine optimization, out-of-home design, and more, so no matter the project, they have the expertise to bring an idea to life. The Hexagon brand is a symbol of the company's forward-thinking and value-oriented mantra, allowing businesses to collaborate with them to reach their branding goals.