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Fyresite is a full-fledged web design company that also doubles as a web branding agency. The company targets serving customers in three main categories including web design and development, graphic design and branding, as well as web-based marketing. Fyresite focuses on ensuring that its web design concepts are well integrated within the ideology of creating responsive websites that are fully optimized for user experience. The company’s graphic design and branding services give client businesses an opportunity to receive full-fledged digital and print graphic designs that facilitate business branding. This helps give the businesses a much-needed corporate identity through online reputation and the creation of brand awareness. Fyresite also focuses on facilitating e-commerce businesses through the development and maintenance of e-commerce websites, most of which are designed using the Magento open source. Over the past 7 years of operation, Fyresite has managed to create responsive websites and e-commerce stores which have earned it a strong reputation across the market