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Mucca is a New York design firm that specializes in brand packaging design for consumer products. Located in Flower District, Chelsea, Mucca Packaging Designers believe in cultural inspiration as the development of exceptional and modern brand packaging. In the dynamic, transforming consumer world, Mucca Packaging Designers have a holistic view of brand development, the targeted audience, and the competition always. Mucca has one goal- to help your products emerge top! Creative Packaging Designs Win Big Mucca packaging design experts work closely with the clients and discuss the specific needs of your brand first. The designers can tailor the packaging shape, size, color, and graphics to suit the brand development vision. Mucca NYC Packaging Designers Mucca's philosophy is that design-based brand development has limitless, creative possibilities. Mucca offers packaging design services to business startups, the companies that plan to strengthen sales, or re-imagine the established brands.