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SpellBrand, founded in 1998, is a specialist in branding, offering a distinctive collection of services and products. This esteemed company has been trusted by numerous businesses, both large and small, to create successful brand identities. The highly experienced team at SpellBrand is based at the headquarters in New York and consists of over 10 experts in their various fields. The defining feature of SpellBrand is its focus on providing a holistic solution to companies. They mainly offer branding services such as brand strategy, brand messaging, corporate identity and naming, along with logo and web design. SpellBrand uses WordPress as the necessary framework for websites, paying attention to every detail during the design process. The company is also dedicated to helping companies create effective marketing campaigns both online and offline, including Social Media and Content Marketing. Over the years, the company's professional and thorough services have been well received by its esteemed clients, including Brennia, Marikit, Oriens Aviation, Process Fusion, Elegore, Lamina, Silverge, Levonor, Pecking Tales, Elite Eyecare, Meraz, Q2 Films, and Love Shop Pray. The hard work of the team has earned them an esteemed ranking in the business card category of the industry. SpellBrand strives to provide its clients with a unique experience that is tailored to their company's needs. From customer service to design and branding, the company puts its clients first and is committed to helping them make their businesses the best they could be.