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Spellbrand was first launched in 1998 with only two employees and a single office in Sarasota, but it didn't take long for the agency to grow into a world-class digital marketing and print design firm. The agency started off as an entirely offline marketing agency, but they expanded to the online sector in 2002, and they haven't looked back. Their services are geared toward businesses of all sizes, including large businesses with huge budgets and small to midsize brands still working to gain a foothold in their industry. Spellbrand offers affordable solutions for all brands that want professional design quality. Brands in the modern world might be tempted to forgo any and all physical advertising, either through print or other methods, but there is one aspect of print design that Spellbrand offers with pride. They craft stunning business cards that work to exemplify the best and most memorable features of any brand, and their printed cards are entirely customizable.