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Ludlow Kingsley is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, founded in 2006. Since their inception, the small team of two has grown to six, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. As a company, they specialize in Web Design, Branding, Marketing Strategy, Packaging Design, and Print Design for clients in the Information Technology, Advertising & Marketing, and Media industries. Notable achievements include creating the brand identity for Parachute Home, and rebranding Downtown LA’s Grand Central Market. Aside from their speciality areas, Ludlow Kingsley also offers guidance through their expansive design acumen, and can help their clients bring their visions to life. Keeping in line with their mission, they strive to conceive and design digital experiences to enhance people and products, and bring disparate ideas together to achieve a singular goal. Thanks to their creative prowess, Ludlow Kingsley is quickly becoming a sought-after studio for bespoke design services.