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Drawing From Memory is a multidisciplinary design firm dedicated to bringing a marriage of fine arts values and corporate branding practices. Founders Jen White and Sharon Noh each bring their unique artistic capabilities and desire to push the boundaries of possibility to build innovative brands that convey an authentic story to a female audience. Their clients include established companies and start-up ventures who serve the modern woman and specialize in crafting beauty, fashion and luxury lifestyle products. Drawing From Memory creates innovative brand strategies and design, packaging, e-commerce, and retail possibilities. Jen and Sharon believe every brand should tell a story, and that the best stories connect with the audience physically and emotionally. Your brand creates your business identity, and identity design is the heart and soul of Drawing From Memory. You can have the very best product available, but if not presented well, potential customers are lost. Drawing From Memory helps you create aesthetically pleasing packaging that will entice women to buy your products and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.