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Perspektiiv Design Co. stands out from the crowd with its Portland, Oregon origins and its nation-wide approach to providing cutting-edge graphic design, brand identity, and creative direction services. Established in 2012, this small-scale organization is equipped with a small, but passionate team of employees looking to provide unique and thoughtful solutions for both individual and small business’ clientele. Perspektiiv’s innovative attitude and unique solutions have attracted many internationally known clients such as 5 Star Development LLC, Happy Mountain Kombucha, Savage Bees, and Smirk Photobooth Co., all of whom have benefited from the company’s knack of understanding their target markets and creating long-lasting brands. With unmatched services that go beyond traditional solutions, Perspektiiv Design Co. brings an unparalleled creativity to the forefront of their designs, always pushing the boundaries of what can be created.