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Gate6 hires over 90 back-end website designers and forward-thinking marketers to create inspiring websites that consistently bring ROI back to clients. Marketing strategy as well as analytics and insight inform all of the strategic decisions that take place at Gate6. Content strategy further helps ensure that all of the material that leaves Gate6 conforms to a client's overarching branding identity. Visual design also helps to augment a website's front-end appearance while copywriting and video production provide the eye candy that keeps customers coming back for more. The crux of Gate6's work, though, revolves around responsive website design and pages that seamlessly load across a range of mobile devices. Gate6 also knows how to put together very competent mobile or web-based apps and integrate e-commerce tools across designs. Email marketing campaigns, paid media and social media marketing initiatives bring in fresh customers while CMS and Gate6's lively copywriting keeps customers around.