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BlueCadet is a digital agency based in Philadelphia that is known for creating award-winning digital experiences. Established in 2005, the agency has a distinguished history of partnering with universities, museums, nonprofits, and other cultural institutions to provide services ranging from mobile app development to market research. The team at BlueCadet is comprised of experienced strategists, designers, developers, illustrators, animators, and photographers. This diverse collective strives to create unique and innovative digital solutions tailored to their clients' needs. With a focus on educating, engaging, and entertaining, the agency has earned an Emmy for their work and numerous other awards for their accomplishments. The 8,400-square-foot office and production headquarters that houses the BlueCadet team is located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. The agency has already collaborated with many esteemed institutions in their hometown, ranging from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to The Franklin Institute. With their creative visions and insights, they continually strive to elevate digital experiences and make the world a better place.