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Swarm is a technology company founded in 2013, based in New York with 10 employees. At Swarm, service lines including Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Web Design, and Web Development. Client focus and industry focus varies, but generally include Consumer Products & Services and Media. Application platforms and programming and scripting cover a range of options, from .NET and C++ to WordPress, and also targeting Android and iOS. With an impressive portfolio of clients from CBS interactive to FreshEBT, Swarm has much to offer in the way of digital services. The team at Swarm is unwavering in their commitment to delivering great products. By applying a rigorous consulting approach and working collaboratively with clients at every stage, their creative, honest process of product strategy, design and development speaks to their attention to detail. This heightened level of engagement ensures that apps created by Swarm not only perform well technically, but also remain competitive within their respective markets. With strong ranks in categories such as Web App, iPad App and .NET, the design and development team at Swarm offer unique and innovative ideas to create products that make a real difference.