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Lucid, an acclaimed web design and development firm, emerged in Miami with a vision to help small businesses establish a strong and reputable online presence. Though the company has since broadened its services to deliver tailored digital marketing solutions through search engine optimization, social media, email marketing and mobile app development, Lucid continues to understand that the beginning of many local businesses' journey to success is through a beautiful, efficient website. As one of the most sought-after Internet marketing service providers, Lucid practices its commitment to providing quality online products at reasonable prices. Instead of pitching SEO as the only successful online entity, Lucid's team of experts offer a holistic approach to evaluating businesses' needs to create optimized strategies for success. Lucid has filled in for the gap of web design in Miami, garnering an exceptional reputation among local businesses in the area. Professional yet pocket-friendly, Lucid is committed to getting the job done with breathtaking and effective results. As the industry leader who has successfully provided a tailored and comprehensive digital experience to clients, Lucid is proposing a new wave of digital ingenuity and reliability.