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Since it was founded in 2007, the company Forix has been dedicated to providing their clients the best eCommerce services with a focus on development, designing and consulting. Built upon a proud tradition of providing their customer base the utmost in quality and service, Forix has grown to become a trusted provider of services to many prominent clients. With offices in Beaverton, Forix has brought on nearly 50 talented and knowledgeable individuals who specialize in a broad range of services, from eCommerce development, to UI/UX design, to ERP consulting and SI, all allowing their customers to trust that no issue is beyond their reach. Their client base spans across the whole spectrum from small businesses, to mid-market companies, to some of the largest enterprises, and loves their specialization in the automotive, consumer product, retail, and business services industries. Their extensive knowledge includes working with the leading eCommerce systems like Magento 90%, BigCommerce 5%, and partnering with Drupal and WordPress 50% each. Forix is indeed committed to finding solutions to their customers' requests and have become one of the leading eCommerce developers in the US. Clients that have experienced their services include Sexy Hair, Sigma, Packit,Versare, All Cosmetics Wholesale, CRKT, Nature Bright, Next Adventure, Dakine, GoPro, GloryBee, and McDavid. At Forix, it is their mission to provide the best of their services and help their customers reach the highest of standards. Their commitment to service and excellence ensures that their services are of the highest caliber, and had turned Forix into the successful business it is today.