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Dotcomweavers is a Web design agency with a prime location in Paramus, which is considered a major commercial hub in the state of New Jersey. Paramus has some of the largest shopping centers in the Garden State. Quite naturally, Dotcomweavers has developed an interest in working with merchants and retailers from the local area. Such clients often need great IT solutions that go beyond just selling merchandise to local shoppers. Dotcomweavers offers its clients plenty of e-commerce options in order to generate sales from consumers all over the world and not just the New York metro area. Magento Hosting is the ideal platform to support e-commerce operations on a global scale. This is a content management system that has various powerful features for optimizing sales in the long term. For example, product suggestions can automatically pop up when shoppers browse certain pages. Complex scripts are often used to improve such features on online stores that run on Magento Hosting.