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EIGHT25MEDIA has plenty of brilliant ideas for e-commerce development that is based on content management systems and proprietary platforms. This Web design agency is located in Silicon Valley, which is home to technology giants such as Apple and Google. Therefore, EIGHT25MEDIA instinctively integrates Google Wallet and Apple Pay into shopping carts. Web hosts that support online stores could also have Google Analytics to monitor the activities of shoppers. Paypal is another major Silicon Valley company that facilitates e-commerce development by EIGHT25MEDIA. In fact, Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods for shoppers who buy expensive items online. This type of electronic transfer service could be seamlessly integrated into an e-commerce website that is powered by Magento. EIGHT25MEDIA simply applies the appropriate codes and scripts to activate any third-party software and other resources that are compatible with Magento. MySQL databases and PHP scripts are other IT entities that can enhance Magento stores.