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EIGHT25MEDIA has been in the e-commerce business since opening in 2010. As a Web design firm that boasts an office suite in the central part of Silicon Valley, CA, EIGHT25MEDIA surely has a major advantage in terms of access to the latest technology. For example, this company can easily integrate PayPal into shopping carts on online stores. The global HQ of PayPal is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Of course, EIGHT25MEDIA is also fully capable of including other payment formats in e-commerce websites such as credit cards. This Web design company can also import apps that are made by Google or Apple, which are other IT titans that have their global offices in Silicon Valley. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are convenient online payment systems that can be used by shoppers with smartphones or tablets. EIGHT25MEDIA prefers to utilize Magento Hosting to set up e-commerce websites with such popular apps that are made by Silicon Valley's top enterprises.