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Blue Acorn is a South Carolina-based website design firm with a special emphasis on e-commerce integration. Specifically, Blue Acorn has taken to successfully implementing Magento as their go-to e-commerce solution. Already having created websites for Stio and Ticketmaster, Blue Acorn knows how to implement large-scale website design and development projects. Clients on Blue Acorn's website laud the website design firm for increasing their revenues by, depending on the client, between 30%-90% thanks largely to e-commerce integration. Reed & Barton perhaps takes the cake, though, since it reports added revenues of 185%. What caused this uptick in profits? A streamlined user experience for dealers, sales reps and consumers. This enhanced user experience, according to Reed & Baron, is mostly attributable to Magento's multi-store functionality and cross-device compatibility. The ease by which customers can select their favorite items, stow those items in an online cart and checkout makes Magento an instant classic.