10 Best Magento Web Design Firms August 2015

Magento is world-renowned within the e-commerce industry. Owned by legendary ecommerce platform eBay, Magento gives web designers the ability to management inventory and coordinate within their online store through one application. Websites built on the Magento content management system (CMS) are highly flexible, user-friendly, and advanced in terms of options available. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Best Magento Web Design CompaniesBlue Fountain Media

New York, New York

#1 of 10 Leading Magento Website Development Businesses of 2015 - Firms looking to work with the best in the world of Magento Web design should take a good gander at a firm on Madison Avenue called Blue Fountain Media. These guys have the chops. They have done impressive work for major brands, and they are not ashamed to crow about it! Clients on this firm's list sport names like the NFL and the New York Yankees, but they also enjoy delivering results for startup brands. No matter the type of company you run, it will run better with the Magento Web design services of Blue Fountain Media.

#2 of 10 Best Magento Web Design AgenciesDotcomweavers

Paramus, New Jersey

#2 of 10 Best Magento Web Design Businesses of 2015 - Dotcomweavers is a team of dreamers, developers, and designers. As a disciplined crew that maintains a goal-oriented perspective towards the web design process, the company's professionals place primacy on understanding the client's vision and subsequently implementing the strategies necessary to make it an ever-present reality. In addition to using responsive web design techniques to ensure that all the right people can access and move through the client's product pages, the Dotcomweavers crew appropriates the social media world to keep the business owner in constant dialogue with prospective customers. Choose Dotcomweavers when you're ready to take over the internet and develop the type of ever-increasing sphere of online influence that facilitates phenomenal conversion.

#3 of 10 Leading Magento Web Development BusinessesCofa Media

San Diego, California

#3 of 10 Best Magento Website Development Firms of 2015 - Cofa Media is a team of internally motivated, innovative Magento web designers and developers who believe in doing everything with passion and precision. In realizing that exceptional websites precipitate exceptional conversion, the company's techies are enthusiastic about optimizing every element of the client's product pages to ensure that the site becomes an eCommerce winner. In addition to designing visually compelling pages and optimizing for cross compatibility and connectivity, the company's professionals create scannable, substantive content that the target market will want to read again and again. The Cofa Media crew will also appropriate graphic design and marketing elements like Share Buttons to ensure that the client's audience is constantly growing. Choose Cofa Media when you're ready for a comprehensive, cutting edge internet marketing campaign that yields incredibly compelling results and ranking.

#4 of 10 Best Magento Web Development AgenciesForix Web Design

Portland, Oregon

#4 of 10 Top Magento Web Design Agencies of 2015 - Firms that need Magento Web design are urged to leave it to firms who excel at that design. Forix Web Design is one of those firms. Earning an award for "Best Magento Web Design Firm" is not easy. Forix Web Design did it by delivering quality sites to their clients. This Portland company's clients include names like Yokohoma and Adidas, but also as yet lesser known brands that this firm may help to one day be big players. Part of the reason for this firm's success is that they are a full service agency with many Web design skills.

#5 of 10 Top Magento Website Design FirmsBig Drop Inc

New York, New York

#5 of 10 Top Magento Web Design Firms of 2015 - Big Drop Inc is a Magento web design firm that develops innovative websites that will create internet buzz and empower clients to connect with their customers in a meaningful way that promotes conversion. As a team of brand-building experts, the professionals of Big Drop Inc know that the development of an identity-building website will empower clients to cultivate a distinct online image that resonates with audiences. Moreover, the company is goal-oriented, meaning that you can count on them to get things done. But they don't just get things done. They get things done in a creative, brand-building way that leaves a lasting impression on the client's target market. Choose Big Drop Inc and get ready for an excellent, effective internet marketing campaign to be implemented on your behalf.

#6 of 10 Top Magento Website Design BusinessesEIGHT25MEDIA

San Francisco, California

#6 of 10 Leading Magento Website Development Agencies of 2015 - EIGHT25MEDIA is a team of conversion specialists who use advanced web design and development strategies to optimize the client's online presence. In realizing that every business owner's brand is different, the company customizes all of its internet marketing services to ensure that the client's brand vision and values are accurately represented and reflected through the campaign. As techies who are passionate about using every resource available to ensure that the client's brand becomes increasingly visible, the EIGHT25MEDIA crew enthusiastically appropriates channels like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about the business's services and products. For savvy marketing services that make your online presence increasingly salient, call EIGHT25MEDIA.

#7 of 10 Top Magento Web Development CompaniesMaxburst

Farmingdale, New York

#7 of 10 Best Magento Web Design Firms of 2015 - Maxburst is a high quality Magento web design firm that maintains an open-minded outlook towards the world of internet marketing. Because of the company's organic, open-ended approach to the digital world, its professionals are effective in keeping the client's digital campaign relevant in the constantly changing internet realm. In addition to developing cutting edge digital campaigns replete with up to date information and contemporary content, the professionals of Maxburst are effective in using social media spheres like Facebook and Twitter to connect with the client's target market in a powerful manner that promotes brand recognition and culminates with consistent conversion. Call Maxburst for internet marketing solutions that yield outstanding results.

#8 of 10 Best Magento Website Design BusinessesOld City Press

Washington, DC

#8 of 10 Top Magento Web Design Firms of 2015 - The Magento Web Design Firm Old City Press may not be a household name just yet but insiders know that it's the best-kept secret in the game. The Alexandria, Virginia-based web design firm takes its inspiration from the elegant architecture of its Old Town Alexandria surroundings. This aesthetic is reflected through a modern prism with Old City Press' stylish products and services, from invitations and blog designs to business cards and HTML layouts. After opening a second studio in Erie, Pennsylvania Old City Press is poised to take over the web design market.

#9 of 10 Top Magento Web Development BusinessesBlue Acorn

Charleston, South Carolina

#9 of 10 Leading Magento Web Design Companies of 2015 - Blue Acorn is a Magento web design firm that optimizes the client's online presence in order to facilitate incredibly high rates of conversion. In recognizing that brand-building is the foundation of any effective digital advertising campaign, the Blue Acorn professionals place primacy on cultivating websites that demonstrate the unique efficacy and excellence of the client's brand. As web design experts, the team's professionals thrive on using a wide range of graphic design elements to ensure that the business owner's brand stands out as unique, innovative, and original. From the strategic use of italics and bold fonts to the incorporation of eye-catching images and background colors, the company will cultivate an aesthetically optimized site that draws the target market in and keeps their eyes glued to the product pages. Call Blue Acorn and watch your conversion rates start to rise and shine!

#10 of 10 Top Magento Web Design FirmsHuemor Designs

Long Island, New York

#10 of 10 Top Magento Web Development Firms of 2015 - Magento is one of the leading platforms for website management. It allows the user to have a customized admin back end, which makes it extremely easy to edit and manage content. When you're looking for a professional company to help you design and program your Magento site, turn tot he professional staff at Huemor Designs. Huemor Designs will do everything from managing the layout of your Magento page to helping you make your site visually appealing to your target audience. They will also help you make sure that your site is friendly on mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Special Recognitions

#11 Best Magento Web Development FirmCadre

Atlanta, Georgia

When "Best Magento Design Firm" Cadre gets hold of a new client, a revolution begins. Soon, the client will see incredible, new Web output that makes them proud of their decision to hire Cadre. This firm has done work for an array of clients, and their list of clients includes names like Allstate, General Tire and Coca-Cola. Do not let those well-known brands steer you away from working with Cadre. They are not snobs. Cadre puts just as much passion and energy into the accounts of new, "small" brands as they do the big brands. Look to Cadre for Magento.

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