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Nearing perfection with their top-notch technical concepts and classic business practices, Old City Press is a proverbial head-and-shoulders above their Magneto web design industry competition. Their work is well-planned, stemming from an in-depth conversation with prospective clients before any big business webpage decisions are made. Instead of planning a webpage around the company, Old City Press strives to build a webpage around client ideas, because they understand that companies are a direct representation of a business owner’s personal endeavors and ideals. There are dozens of ways Old City Press is unique to the web design industry, but the one that stands out most if their charming, almost vintage way of advertising. While they have and continue to hone their modern expertise on a broad spectrum of technical ideas, a creative team of free thinkers and imaginative minds opt for old-world marketing through paper, wood, and web marketing. This is a company that covers every generational, technological base in one swoop.